How to Troubleshoot an Epson Printer that Prints Nothing

Epson printers are one of the most used printers across the globe.  The company is also the biggest manufacturer of printers, and they manufacture various types and sizes of printers. In addition, Epson also produces many electronic gadgets such as desktop, scanners, projectors, television, and more. But, the company is most famous for printers. If you’re also using Epson printer in your office or home and it is only printing blank pages. No need to worry it’s not the big issue, try these solutions.

Solutions to troubleshoot an Epson printer that prints nothing or blank page:

1.    Check the cartridge

2.    Check if the cartridge is connected

3.    Make sure the paper size is correct

4.    Connect with the right interface cable

5.    Update the printer’s drivers

Here is the detailed guide for performing these solutions to troubleshoot not printing or blank page printing issue.

Check the cartridge

Before anything, you should have to check the cartridge of your printer. Possibly, you’ve already checked it, but if you haven’t, then check if it is empty. An empty printer’s cartridge can cause printing problems. This will also help to find the real trouble. If it is empty, then definitely this is the reason you’re not getting the prints.

Check if the cartridge is connected

After checking for the empty cartridge, try printing something with the printer. If still, nothing comes out from it, check whether the cartridge is connected correctly. A disconnected or improper connected cartridge results in blank pages as output from the printer. Maybe this could be the reason for the problem, try checking your printer’s cartridge. If you didn’t know anything about it, then check the user guide or take someone’s help. Reinstall the cartridge properly into your Epson printer and print a page. If still, a blank page comes out, apply the next solution.

Make sure the paper size is correct

Sometimes a wrong selected page size while printing also prints a blank page. Make sure you’ve chosen a right page size while giving the command for printing. Mostly printing issues in Epson printers occurs only because of this. If you haven’t checked the page size or changed it accidentally, change the print settings back to the correct size. After tweaking settings, give a command to your Epson printer to print a page. Now, check if it prints correctly. Use the next solution, if your Epson printer prints nothing.

Connect with the right interface cable

Shut down your computer and Epson printer, and check whether they are correctly connected. Also, verify the interface cable through which the devices are connected matches the specifications for the computer and printer. Make sure the cable is inserted in the right port of the devices. And the interface cable should be connected directly with the machine without any middle device like extension cable or printer switching board. If the problem persists, update your printer’s driver.

Update the printer’s drivers

After a time, older drivers fail to work or don’t work as earlier. This happens because of corrupted data or files. Not only printing issues older or corrupted drivers also create connection problems and many other major troubles. Here is how to update Epson printer’s drivers in Windows 10.

1.    Open Windows settings. You can open it easily from the Start menu.

2.    After entering into settings, go to ‘Update and Security’ section.

3.    Then click on ‘Windows Update’ at the top in the left sidebar.

4.    Now, hit the ‘Check for updates’ button at the center of the display.

Your Windows 10 PC starts finding the pending update and begins installing it automatically. Updating process usually takes time, wait for it to finish. When updates install successfully, restart your PC to apply changes.

These solutions will troubleshoot your Epson printer that prints nothing.

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