Top 5 Alternative Operating Systems to Use in 2019

Windows, Linux, and macOS are undoubtedly the best operating systems available for users these days. However, there are various other options for those who need an ideal alternative. The best five alternative operating systems are mentioned here for you.


Source:Top 5 Alternative Operating Systems , Lexmark printer Support

1. eComStation
If you need best-in-class stability and don’t want to spend much, eComStation is the best solution for you. It is supportive of open source apps and is very secure. Though, its major drawback is that you will have to pay a fixed price to use it. You can try the demo first before investing in this operating system. There are plenty of open-source software programs that come ported in eComStation such as VLC, OpenOffice, Firefox, etc.

2. ReactOS
ReactOS comes as the perfect alternative for Windows 2003. It is open-source and uses no proprietary Windows code. This open-source software program is made specially to work with Windows applications and drivers. Though it will be hard for you to play top-notch software or games. ReactOS consists of various notable apps such as Opera, LibreOffice, and Firefox. As it is free, you can try it out.

3. Chromium OS
People who spend most of their time on the internet must know about Google Chrome. It is made especially for fast internet browsing experience. Google also offers Chromium OS, which a lot of people don’t know. Most of the apps in Chromium OS, however, are made especially for web only. You don’t get specific desktop applications as the whole interface is browser-based. Users will not have to think much about installation, management, and update. Try to experiment with this operating system and see if you like it or not.

4. Haiku
Haiku comes as a successor of BeOS and is an ideal operating system for use. The last major release of this OS was, however, around three years back. If you can’t keep your desktop clean and need a dedicated web browser for cleanliness , this one is a perfect fit for you.

5. FreeDOS
Even today, a lot of software depends upon MS-DOS. If you need an operating system that offers active development as well as a stable environment, you must choose FreeDOS. It is capable of running games and even managing Windows 3.1. FreeDOS can run any compatible program that works with MS-DOS.

Overall, these are the best alternatives that you can consider if you are not satisfied with your existing operating system.

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